The Nation's Greatest Springtime Celebration

We offer hotel rooms to you under a "prepaid" model (also referred to as the "merchant" or "net" rate model). You pay at the time of booking and we facilitate payment to the hotel. We are not the provider of the hotel rooms, and we do not collect taxes or remit taxes to taxing authorities. Amounts displayed in the "Taxes and Fees" line for prepaid hotel transactions include an estimate of the amount we expect the hotel to bill for applicable taxes, governmental fees and other charges that the hotels must pay to the government. The "Taxes and Fees" line also includes a fee we charge and retain in exchange for the services we provide in facilitating your transaction with the hotel.

Please note that you may also incur other charges than those specified in this quote. Charges that we do not collect include but are not limited to hotel energy surcharges, parking fees, pet fees, and incidental charges (room service, mini-bar, gratuities). Any applicable charges will be collected from you directly by the hotel unless otherwise indicated in the quote section.

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